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                 The Lady Speaks
                                                An  Interview with  PATRIZIA
All questions submitted for this page are listed as Interviewer, your actual names are not listed.  All questions are  answered by PATRIZIA personally. The Interview page is updated  on a continuous basis but depending  on PATRIZIA'S schedule!

The Interview

Interviewer: Do you also play an instrument?

Patrizia: Not really, I took piano as a child, so I know a little about the piano.   I was actually more interested in Singing, Dancing and Acting although now I wish I had learned more.

Interviewer: How did you get the name The Sultry Lady of Jazz?

Patrizia: I was at a Gig one night, the emcee that announced me called me the Sultry Lady of  Torch.  After several Gigs with similar comments it just stuck.

Interviewer: Do you have a preference for the songs you sing?

Patrizia:I love singing slow ballads and romantic compositions better than anything.

Interviewer: What do you do when you are not performing or studying music?

Patrizia: I like a variety of things sports, especially Football, polo, Horseback riding, listening to Classical Music, attending the Opera or the Theater and just listening to Jazz.

Interviewer: How much time do you spend on music.

Patrizia:Alot, I practice and study for 6 hours a day, keep my eyes open for new gigs.  Check out new songs.  Work on my own compositions or just listen to Jazz.

Interviewer: What do you like to do more than anything?

Patrizia:I love to sing and perform  more than anything.  I really get depressed when I am not singing somewhere. I love the people, putting myself into the song, just loosing myself in the moment!

Interviewer: Does your beauty come natural or have you had extensive plastic surgery? (smile).  Because "you are one gorgeous woman!"

Patrizia:Well I certainly thank you for the complement, I never have thought of  myself as a beauty however, glad to know there are others who think so.    No I have not had plastic surgery, like all things in life one's appearance takes time and attention!

Interviewer: I also would like to know your secret, your complexion is beautiful.

Patrizia:Actually I have been using the same regimen for along time a good skin cleanser, toner and moisturizer.  I also even wear a foundation at the beach or in the sun, I have a tendency to burn quickly, so I cleanse and moisturize right after.

Interviewer: I have noticed that Jazz singers always make reference to their influences, why is that and you state several, Charlie Parker, he was a sax man?  Sarah Vaughan, Ella Fitszgerald, Billie Holiday.  June Christy, who is she, Chris Connor the musician?  Anita O'Day who is she?  Would you explain?

Patrizia:I can't speak for all musicians only for myself.  The great musicians were masters. Charlie Parker was a genius he studied and learned the musical compositions in all twelve keys, then he would take the composition and just improvise all over the place, his influence on me is that I strive to do that with my voice.  Sarah Vaughan 1924 to 1990 to me was the best vocalist around she sang with feeling, she made all the compositions come alive with her ability to command pitch and dynamics across three vocal octaves, whose singing style resembled  the harmony and improvisation of jazz horn sections.  I could see and feel the story she tells in my mind.  If I was in pain it was as though she were there with me and understood my pain.  Ella Fitzsgerald had such a beautiful voice, light, airy, sometimes little girl like, and she sang each and every note.
June Christy 1925 to 1990 was another great vocalist very sensual with a deep but light texture,  beautiful tone resembling Anita O'Day in sound and style. Chris Connor born in 1921 was among the most popular '50s vocalists, famous for altering rhythms on ballads, using little vibrato except on special occasions, with  a husky, lush sultry sound.   Anita O'Day also is another old timer who in  her prime was a masterful scat singer and a true improviser.  Billie Holiday was an actress, she drew on her own feelings conveyed them to her audience  honestly and directly.

It is my dream to develop my voice so that it encompasses the best of all my  influences.  The ability to improvise with my voice like Charlie Parker did with his horn.   I am in awe of the way Anita O'Day, Sarah Vaughan, and Ella Fitzsgerald could improvise with their voices.. The continuity and convincing story telling  that  Ella, and Sarah did so well with feeling and artistic clarity.  The sultry sound of Chris Connor and June Christy.  Now don't get me I still always want to sound like myself, never imitate, just be as good and as well thought of as the great Divas. When I am really into a song,  it doesn't feel like I'm singing, I just go somewhere else and it is the greatest feeling.  I'm telling a story, singing individually to each member of the audience, oh I love it.  The sound that comes out when I sing is what I feel.  I enjoy changing a song to my own way of doing it. I get criticized for taking  liberties with the melody, so I am working on that.  But as a very wise musician once told me "as musicians we are all works in progress."  That statement has stuck with me. Wow I am going on aren't I.  Sure hope that answers your questions.

Interviewer: I like what you just said and I don't think you were going on.  You answered all my questions.  Thanks!

Interviewer: I would like to see you spend more time performing in clubs in North County, not much jazz here, what is the possibility of that?  You seem to spend alot of time on the road or doing private engagements?

Patrizia:As a matter of fact I am working on that now, I am planning on spending less time on the road, but that has been where the jobs have been coming from, I send out Gig updates as well as a newsletter, called Dig These Gigs, so if you sign-up it will keep you updated as to where I will be.

PATRIZIAloves performing and often can and will do several engagements on the same day. So please contact us even if her schedule looks booked.   She works with dedicated, quality musicians, to give excellent performances.

Send your questions to: theladyspeaksout@patriziasultryladyofjazz.com

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